lundi 27 mars 2017

My surprise birthday !

Hey !
My Finnish friends made me a surprise birthday ! Manisha and me went to walk, and after it, when I opened the door of the house...SURPRISE ! All of my friends were in the hall ! They bought me a collective gift : a necklace. It's so beautiful ! The brand is Kalevala and it's Finnish. There is a custom in Finland, you have to wear a heart necklace and it can protect you... And when you bought a Kalevala necklace, you also have the story in the box.
They made also a poster with a lot of pictures of my mobility and everybody write a message...

Lot of love, 

lundi 20 mars 2017

Finnish bag

Hello everybody !
I write this article because I bought a Finnish bag ! In Havukosken koulu (my host school), these bags are the equivalent of our Eastpak. So, the brand's name is Fjallraven Kanken, and it's from Sweden. For me, these bags are so beautiful, and there is a lot of colors like yellow, purple, green, black, light blue, pink, orange, white and more ! Mine is red and dark blue. 

Here is my bag.

Kiss for France, 

lundi 13 mars 2017

Moomin, Finnish character

Hello everybody !
Today, I write something about Moomin. Moomin is THE Finnish character. Tove Jansson is Moomin's designer. She worked for Fazer company. In fact she invented the Moomins, the family. It became very famous in Finland and now you can find a lot of things with Moomin, like a mug or tee-shirts for example but it's very expensive. There are many others Finnish characters as Little My, she is a small and agressive girl, Sniff an immature friend and more.

In Naantali in Finland, there is Moomin World who opened in 1993.
Here is Moomin

 Here is Little My

Here is Sniff

 Moomin World

Tove Jansson

Hugs from Finland, 

mardi 7 mars 2017


Hey everybody !
Not long time ago, I saw a prom. It's for hight school pupils, and students are the equivalent of our "Premières". They have their own prom, because the next year, they will become "kings and queens of school". Boys were in suit, and girls in dress. For me, dresses were so amazing !
You must have a dance partner, because these dances are only for couple. It was very beautiful and I don't understand why we haven't got it in France.

At the end of the party, we took a lot of pictures with girls and their dresses.

Kiss from Vantaa, 

samedi 4 mars 2017

We visited Helsinki with the shorts mobilities !

Hey everybody !
Yes, shorts mobilities came in Finland one month ago, but I want write something about it. We did a lot of activities ! For example, the tuesday, we went to Helsinki. It was like a road trip, but it was a competition : we had to take pictures in specific places. It was a very good moment, but weather was so cold ! It was -25°C !!!
Our group was with 2 Polish girls, 2 Austrian boys, 2 French girls and 2 Finnish girls. We saw, a lot of monuments like Ouspenski cathedral, Lutherian cathedral, Esplanadi Park... and more.

Here is the whole group :

Good bye ! 

lundi 27 février 2017

Trip to Tallinn

Hey everybody !
This weekend, I went to Tallinn with Lotta and my host mother ! So we took a cruise ship. It's really impressive !
Tallinn is a very old city, but it's lovely. It is the country's major port, because Tallinn is Estonia's capital. This town has got 440 950 inhabitants, and it measures 159.2 km2The origins of Tallinn date back to the 13th century. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I think we did more shopping than visiting, but that didn't stop us to visit this city. In fact, everything is cheaper in Estonia ! It was a very good moment.

Hüvasti ! (Good bye in Estonian)

jeudi 23 février 2017

Sport day at school

Hello everybody !
The last week, before ski holidays, we got a sport day. You choose a sport between cross-country ski, Finnish sledge ("pulkka"), ice skating... The courses are canceled ! But only for one day, don't worry. So, with Lou, Manisha, Eliina, Iina, Aino and other Finnish girls we chose ice skating. It was so good ! It was only during the morning. But the afternoon, hight school's students (the equivalent of our "Terminales") threw some sweets to celebrate their last year at school ! So, we got a lot of candies, and I gave mine to my host littles brothers.

Hugs from Finland,